6 Excellent REITs Yielding 6%

Word association.

You say “excellence” – and without skipping a beat, I think of my most coveted SWANs – the collection of REITs that help me “sleep well at night.” Yes, I’m obsessed with REITs – and it’s no surprise they occupy most of my thinking.

But say it again, “excellence,” – and I think of the men and women who pledge their energies, brainpower, brawn, and sacred honor – as members of the U.S. Military.

I’ve seen estimates there are over 1.2 million people currently serving our country in the military, with another 800-thousand people in the reserves. Excellence, personified.

Even though today is not Veterans Day, or July 4th, or Flag Day, or even Memorial Day, I salute the people, in my family and yours, who serve, or have served. It’s never the wrong day to think of, and appreciate, these true heroes.

One of the more memorable phrases I associate with the military – and that gets my attention is, “I’ve got your six.” Of course, describing the face of a clock, it means, “I’ve got your back,” and as the story goes, the phrase was first used by pilots.

“I’ve got your back.”

That’s the sensibility I hope to convey to my readers, and Forbes Real Estate Investor subscribers – as I deploy my own battalion of REIT choices in my monthly newsletter… and work diligently to keep you updated on the world of REITs, to grow your wealth, and keep pointing you in the right direction. (Er, REIT direction.)

Today, I wanted to share six REITs that I think can “have your back,” paying at least 6% dividends, with a fair amount of safety. (As always – make sure to do your own due diligence. I have, and I’m proud of these choices.)

Now here’s our 6 REITs yielding 6% or more:  Brixmor Property Group (BRX), W.P. Carey (WPC), EPR Properties (EPR), Iron Mountain (IRM), Kimco Realty (KIM), and Chatham Lodging (CLDT).

I own shares in BRX, WPC, EPR, IRM, KIM, and CLDT.


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