Coupa Software is a buy, even up here

Coupa Software Inc.: “I didn’t like the reversal in Coupa. Coupa got brought down by the whole cloud clique, and you know what? Coupa’s quarter was magnificent. I went over the conference call last night. They are firing on all cylinders. Believe it or not, up $4 is a buying opportunity.”

Western Digital Corp.: “[My charitable trust] sold it in the $90s and $80s. Why? Because the cycle has gotten weak. We’d like to see the numbers come down – we think that they have to – and only then will the stock bottom.”

Box Inc.: “Look, I think [CEO] Aaron Levie’s great, but the stock did not deliver a perfect quarter. In this environment, you have to wait ’til the next quarter. I know that sounds soporific, but that’s exactly what has to happen.”

US Concrete Inc.: “[CEO] Bill Sandbrook had a great narrative if we had gotten an infrastructure bill. We didn’t, so therefore you’ve got too much concrete. And I’ve got to tell you something, the only concrete I’m liking right here is Concrete Charlie – yes, one of the late greats for the Philadelphia Eagles.”

British American Tobacco PLC: “The only thing that would make me be interested in that stock, frankly, is if they were going to take a position in Tilray, if they were going to take a position in one of these cannabis stocks, and I don’t think they’re going to. So, therefore, I say don’t buy.”

Tupperware Brands Corp.: “No. I think that they’re just doing OK, not great. Don’t buy. Don’t need to be there.”

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