Make your best impression on hiring managers with great thank-you notes

Brian Berdan, vice president of product management at a telecommunications firm, admits to this disconnect. In the many hiring decisions he’s made, a thank-you note was never a consideration. “I was more about their competence than their etiquette,” he said.

In fact, Berdan counsels his own kids who are entering the job market to thank interviewers, though it’s probably not going to make a difference, unless the hiring manager is in an older demographic.

“Then it’s more likely you’ll encourage someone who is looking for it,” he said. And he himself would always write one, he said. “I don’t want to leave anything to chance.”

After writing thank-you and follow-up notes, a client of Regina Duffey Moravek was able to keep the door open longer during an interview process.

“She went into greater detail about relevant work where the employer had overlooked it on the resume,” says Moravek, an HR professional with Bravely, a confidential HR and workplace coaching platform.

“The candidate was then given an informational interview — another shot with the employer,” Moravek said.

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