These workplace perks just might save you a few bucks in 2019

The first is an actual insurance plan, which comes with deductibles and premiums that can run from $300 to $1,000 a year per pet, according to Hollis.

The other is more of a discount program that will give the pet owner access to lower cost medical care at a select network of providers. This program can be closer to $80 to $200 per year per household, Hollis said.

Bear in mind that pet insurance plans often have limitations: Preexisting conditions may not be covered, and there could be additional exclusions.

For that reason, your healthy six-week-old kitten might be a better candidate for coverage than your 10-year-old diabetic cat.

“Make sure you read the fine print and do your research to make sure you’re making a selection that’s based on your personal circumstances,” said Hollis.

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