Why the NFT Market Could Really Grow by 1,000X

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Let me start this Sunday issue by stating the obvious: Blockchain technology will change the world.

Please note the use of the word “world.”

I didn’t say that blockchain technology will change financial markets, or currencies, or banks. I said blockchain technology will change the world – and the world is much more than just those things.

If you want to make a lot of money in the crypto markets, it is critical that you understand this distinction. Right now, everyone is obsessed with how blockchain technology will radically change the financial sector and give birth to a new era of decentralized finance – or DeFi, as it is called by insiders.

Make no mistake… that will happen. But because everyone is already talking about DeFi, a lot of the biggest money in DeFi tokens has already been made. Sure, these tokens will keep going higher. But the days of 10-bagger gains in a 12-month-stretch are over.

That’s why, if you’re serious about making big money in the crypto markets, you need to focus your attention outside of the DeFi sector – to other areas of the global economy that will be radically transformed by blockchain technology.

One of those areas is non-fungible tokens, or NFTs.

In its simplest definition, an NFT is a blockchain-based digital asset that acts, looks, feels, and operates just like a physical asset.

The big breakthrough here, of course, is the blockchain aspect.

Previously, digital assets were largely worthless because they could be replicated and distributed, without anyone knowing what the “original” digital asset was, thereby rendering the original worthless…

But with the blockchain and its signature immutable digital ledger, artists can now create digital assets that can be validated as originals, thereby giving those originals the same value as, say, an original art piece.

This authentication lays the groundwork for the NFT market to boom over the next decade. We’re not just talking digital art. We’re talking digital real estate. Digital toys. Digital trading cards. Digital assets in general.

We firmly believe that this digital asset market will be as big as or even bigger than the physical asset market in the long run.

It’s a bold claim. Sure. But think about it. We have multiple precedents here.

As soon as digital shopping became just as “good” as physical shopping, everyone started shopping online, and now, the e-commerce industry is on the cusp of becoming bigger than the physical retail market.

As soon as digital entertainment became just as “good” as physical entertainment, everyone started streaming Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max, and now, the digital entertainment industry is on the cusp of being bigger than the physical entertainment market.

Same with digital advertising. It’s better than physical advertising. Within the next few years, digital ad spend will comprise more than 50% of total ad budgets.

Folks… the precedent has already been set!

As soon as digital replicas of physical industries become “good,” those digital replicas will take over.

Why won’t the same happen with the digital asset, or NFT, market? Spoiler alert: It will. The same thing will happen, and at scale, the NFT market will be bigger than the physical asset market.

The investment opportunity, of course, is that the digital asset market today is a fraction of a fraction of the size of the physical asset market.

In 2020, the global NFT market did about $338 million in transaction volume.

The global collectibles market – including physical trading cards, games, toys, cars, and more – is a $370 BILLION market.

That’s more than 1,000X bigger.

By our logic, then, the global NFT market can (and will) grow by 1,000-fold over the next 10-plus years…

The time to invest in this booming market is now.

Alas, the million-dollar-question is: How? How do you invest in the booming NFT industry?

For that, we turn to our ultra-exclusive investment research advisory dedicated entirely to cryptocurrencies: Crypto Investor Network.

At Crypto Investor Network, I’ve teamed up with legendary Bitcoin investor Charlie Shrem and a team of crypto experts to deliver to you the highest-quality crypto picks in the market.

We’re talking coins with triple-digit, even quadruple-digit, upside potential over the next few years.

And I’m not blowing hot air here. This product has delivered just that for subscribers. The average gain in the portfolio is well over 150%!

Today, our attention is turning to the NFT market. We’re zeroing in on opportunities in this space with the biggest upside potential, and we’re doing this research right now.

Literally, right now.

So, no, you’re not too late to the party. Rather, you’re early. Now is your opportunity to capitalize – before the NFT market goes parabolic.

Click here to find out more.

On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

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